Thursday, February 24, 2011

What the reader wants

Hello friends how are you
I have been busy these few days updating my knowledge on iPhone so that i can provide you the easy mechanism for coding in iPhone. My future post will include the following

  1. Core Data. 
  2. GData and NSXMLParser (they deal will XML)
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Memory management
  5. Vibrating a device on touch.
  6. Drawing geometric views.
  7. Property list.
and many more but what i want to know is that which topic do you want to see on my blog, please let me know and if it's possible sooner or later i will make those topics available on my blog.

Also you can send me your request via twitter or at facebook 

Happy iCoding and have a great Day


  1. Can you please upload tutorial for SQLite in iPhone Application?

  2. Hi Sir, can you please post some tutorial on NSNotification Centre, NSThreads...that would be very useful in our future...


  3. can you post some interview questions 4 us ????

  4. @Arpita: am working on it and it will take time to post that.

    @Swati: Sqlite tutorial will have to wait for sometime as i am busy writing post on some other topics but you will see SQLITE soon enough.

    @Amol: The facebook badge above contains my mail ID just send me a test mail so that i can provide you a document of all the interview questions

    can we do something like this ... ?
    it's easy but wanna learn from Radix ..! :)

    this cover flow is for images can we make it for videos

  7. @Anonymous: Yes sure we can do that and will be posting for that as well and thank you for showing interest in my blog.

    For now i am busy writing posts for how do you integrate pay pal API into your iPhone application once i am done with that my next post will be for cover flow.

  8. Can you post a tutorial on CSV parser.

  9. @Anonymous: Yes sure i will parse the CSV for google searches and will post it as soon as possible....

  10. @Anonymous: Your request is completed check this out

  11. Facebook API Tutorial ..Please Ravi Sir :P

  12. Hello Sir Ji ,

    kaise ho ? Sir ,can you try to make a simple post for Socket programming in objective C .

    leaning from Radix is always preferred ...!
    Tc , Hope Will Get it !

  13. HI Ravi sir,
    Can you post the pdf related stuff on your blog. I am working on one app in that i am getting pdf file in base 64 encoded format after decoding that i am saving that file into documents directory as .pdf file when i am showing it on UIwebview then at that time i get blank view what is the problem i didn't get can u please help me

  14. Hello Sir,

    Please Upload some Tutorial of Webservices with REST And SOAP.

    I have tried to search it.But i can't find it.

    Please upload that tutorial.

  15. hi ravi sir,

    please upload the XML parsing tutorial with example .

  16. Hareesh:

    XML parsing tutorial.

  17. Hi Radix,
    Your Shake gesture for random picker Values- July 2011. Thanks for this tutorial, it is just what I'm after.
    I want to create an app which randomly selects from a 3 component pickerView.
    I'm just starting coding so I need a little extra help.
    I don't know how or where to put the -- selectRow:<#(NSInteger)#> inComponent:<#(NSInteger)#> animated:<#(BOOL)#> ---
    Does the random generation supply the info for the expressions?

    Xcode is also saying that [ self SelectPickerRow]; "No visible @interface for 'ViewController' declares the selector 'SelectPickerRow'

    And -(void)SelectPickerRow "Use of undeclared identifier 'SelectPickerRow"

    Could you help please?
    Also how do I apply it to 3 components?

    Thanks, Karl
    Xcode 4.6.3

  18. Hi Dude,
    Can u please do any tutorial for the Paypal Integration in the iOS

  19. @Ashok Dy : OK i will do that, but let me tell you one thing paypal is not available for india and some other country i will mention those in my post

  20. The best solution is for powercase to be accessed from your pc.