Friday, February 10, 2012

Launch the app store app from your application

Sometimes it may happen that you would like to launch the app store containing your app details from your application. So in today’s tutorial we will be having a look at that.

For this tutorial I have just prepared a simple view with a button on it on the hit of which I will be launching the app store containing my applications details.
Note: This demo cannot be tested in the iPhone simulator for the testing of this demo you require this application to be deployed into your iOS device. (Deploy an app to the iOS device)

Step 1: Create an empty iPhone application with and add the UIViewController subclass to it.

Step 2: Create a view just like the one given below and the add the view of this view controller into the iPhone window.

Step 3: Create a function for the button and this function will contain the code for launching the app store application of the iOS device from your application. So declare a function with proper name into the your ViewController.h file and implement the same in the yourViewController.m file given below is the code for the same.

MyViewController.h file
MyViewController.m file
Code Explanation: In the above code since we want to launch the app store we have used the itms-apps: in place of http followed by your application link which is present on the app store.

Step 4: Build your project and deploy the project into the iOS device.

Step 5: After you touch the button you will see the app store app is launched with the application details who’s link you have provided.

You can download the sample project from here.

This kind of requirement is mostly used when a client requests that he wants a review section in his application. You may also use the link maker from apple to get your application url link.

In case of any queries or errors you may drop me a mail or ask your queries via comments, until then

Happy iCoding and have a great Day.

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