Friday, October 4, 2013

View provisioning profile in Xcode 5

Obtaining Signing Identities and Downloading Provisioning Profiles

Request code signing certificates and download provisioning profiles from Member Center.

In the Xcode Preferences window, click Accounts.

Select your team, and click View Details.

The view details dialog appears.

Click the Refresh button in the lower-left corner of the view details dialog under the Provisioning Profiles table.

If you are missing a development or distribution certificate, a dialog appears asking whether Xcode should request it on your behalf. A dialog may appear for each type of certificate you are missing.

Click Request for the signing identities you want.

Your new signing identities appear in the Signing Identities table. Xcode also downloads any missing provisioning profiles and adds them to the Provisioning Profiles table.

If your keychain does not contain your development certificate but your team has the certificate, Xcode downloads it for you but without the private key. In this case, you should export your code signing assets from the Mac where you created the signing identity and import them on this Mac.

If your role is a team member, inform the team agent or admin that there’s a pending certificate request.
If necessary, after the request is approved, follow these steps again to download your development certificate.

If you are the team agent or admin, Xcode may request your team’s distribution certificate, in addition to a development certificate.

Sources : Apples documentation on Xcode.

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