Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to register your app on facebook

If you are creating an application for any smart phone and want that application to post some messages on facebook then in that case you have to register your application on facebook and get the application ID, with the help of application ID facebook is able to identify that something has been printed or uploaded on your wall with the help of a registered application. It will also display the application name that printed the text of uploaded a file into your facebook wall.

So how do you register your application with facebook ?

Step 1: Login to facebook with your credentials and visit this link. The given link is where developers can get the knowledge regarding the apis that facebook has for different languages and a very excellent documentation on how to use them.

Step 2: After visiting the home page of facebook developers you will be provided with 3 options and these three options are nothing but a question to you which asks you “For which platform is your application? Is it for web site, 
mobiles or would you like to build apps on facebook ?”

Depending upon your platform you can select the option in this case I will select the mobile platform since my further demos will be related to posting on FB from ios devices.

For posting on facebook you will need the FBGraphAPI, which you can download, form this link, once the file is downloaded copy the FBGraphAPI folder in your project.

You can read all about the graph api from here

Step 3: To register your application with facebook select the Apps menu from the top of the menu bar

In this page you can register your application with the help of the Create new app button on the right hand side

Step 4: Once you click this button there will be a pop up in front of you their you can enter your application name

After entering your application name the facebook page will refresh and you will see the new application that you have created with basic permissions that you can edit after performing all the changes hit the save button given at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Now you have the application ID and the application secret key which you can use to post on facebook from your smartphone. In my next tutorial i will show how you can post text on your facebook wall with the help of this application id and with the help of graph api.

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Happy iCoding and have a great day.