Sunday, July 28, 2019

Introduction to Threading

After a good vacation I am back to my video logs, and today I have shared a video on threading, usually, this is the one which gets asked most in interviews and even now many experienced folks out there struggle with the part involving multi-threading operations.

But to understand multi-threading or threading in general we must first understand the basics of threading.

In this video, I have tried my best to capture a few flavors of threading, queues and race conditions. The video is in Hindi if I get adequate requests I can make the video in English too :)

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Until then happy iCoding and have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Note from Radix, new youtube channel announcement for swift tutorial in Hindi

Hello Everyone,

This is radix,  I have not been updating this blog post for a long period of time, as I was having some personal commitments and well life happened so was out of touch and busy and I apologize for the same.

I have now started my own youtube channel and I am posting videos of swift there in Hindi, yes you read that right my videos are in Hindi.

The major reason of keeping those videos in Hindi was to reach and explain the topic in a better way for you, I have been getting a lot of emails, messages from all the subscribers to add something like this from a long time.

I would say the long wait is now over, I will be adding a max of 2 videos every week covering topics from basic to advanced. I believe that knowledge is something which should be provided for free and should be freely available so that anyone can pick up and learn and grow in life, with the youtube platform my goal is to share that in form of videos.

These videos will not be limited to swift only, trust me you will love what's coming next.

If there's demand I will surely do videos in English OR create two videos one in Hindi and one English but this will be done only for those videos where you mention in comments or send me an email to do the video in English.

As for the blog, I am not sure when I will start writing again, but doing videos has made me realize how easy a topic can be covered within few minutes.

Without saying further here is the name of my new youtube channel with some video links

Channel name: Codecat15

Calling API in swift:

Closures in swift:

Protocols in swift:

Introduction to test cases in an iOS application:

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did making them.

If you didn't like something please reach out to me OR if you are looking for a new topic which I don't have listed please let me know and I will try my best to add it.

Once again I would like to thank all of you for the love and support all these years, And don't forget to like, subscribe and share :)

Thank you for your time reading this, have a nice day and Happy iCoding.